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Something to think about for the new year.

As we approach the new year many of us look to set resolutions. Things that we look to better ourselves or our situations for the new upcoming year. As my wife came home this afternoon the kitchen island littered with pc’s and parts. A few old clients called with some issues with a PC in their office. Being that I had repaired in the past they had taken this to a local repair shop to only continue to have issues. As I started to work on this PC to repair the issues that were present, I began to notice things that slowly picked at me. Call it my minute OCD but the birds nest of wires off the power supply (something I have always been a stickler about) suddenly I found myself with some zip ties and going to work. With my son watching over shoulder questioning everything I do, so this was a life lesson I saw the opportunity to give. When you take pride in what you do, even if no one ever sees it you still know you did the best you could.
So why is it that it seems in these trying times in our economy most seem to be all about the quick turn around and the all mighty dollar, not the hard work and quality. As this was how I was brought up, I continue to take pride in all I do. And pass this down to my kids.

What are your resolutions? And what do you think about taking short cuts to have a quick turn around as a result possibly making a customer unhappy because they now have to take their work to someone else?

Home for the Holidays

As we all begin our holiday traditions, it is easy to forget that the holidays though stressful at times are about the joy of being with family. Today in our house like many around the nation we started getting ready for the rest of the upcoming christmas season. My wife being the crafty lady she is made up a homemade advent calender that includes fun tasks that the kids can do throughout the month.

Me doing the good dad thing I grabbed the lights from the garage and began doing what the men are raised to do. As the lights began to untangle, the mind boggling task of where all these lights were going to go began to flow through my head. Being that I wanted to make things magical for my now 7 & 3 year olds I began setting up what would become a sight of joy for not only my family but eveyone that happened to drive by.

In starting I realized that in all my years I had never really gone all out in putting up lights. So my journey began doing some research online to figure out how to light my house up while still making everything look good. Being that my home is a two story with a steep roof pitch, my years of framing came in handy as I was not fearful of climbing around on the roof. I began my day by running lights up the facia on the gables. Once this was complete I moved to the ground floor to make life a little easier.

This is where my struggle began. I was given a great santa and sleigh to put up in the front yard, along with two of the moving reindeer. so as I looked at the front of my house from the street to get an idea of what I wanted to light up. As I did this I was taking into account where my source of power was. But like most I began to wonder the best way to go from a window to my front door without having lights running across my siding. Since the builder went with wood LP siding this proved to be a difficult task. I ended up having to find a strand of lights that I could remove a bulb and only cut out a part of the string.

After running all my lights all that was left was to wait for dark and see what I had created. The best part of all of it was getting the joy to hang out with my kids and bring the joy of the season to them.

No matter how you decide to decorate the biggest thing to keep in mind is to bring the joy and happiness to those around you, may it be family, friends or just your neighbors.


Here was the fruits of my labor today and can say not to bad.


Can a hobby earn you a living?

As the holidays approach I thought to myself, I do not spend enough time writing down my thoughts in my blog. I started KIC Web Designz a few years back as a way to do what I enjoyed with the hopes to make some play money on the side. You see in my spare time like many of us I have hobbies.
Of course I have a few hobbies, enjoying not only web design and graphic design, I also do competitive RC Racing. With any hobby there is a cost to allow you to do just that and web and logo design was my hope to pay for my RC hobby. A few hits here and there with some leg work helped me to land a few manufactures that I was able to work with to get deals on some of the product I was using to lower my outgoing costs.
As increasingly of my work began to make it’s way across the internet and more people began to see what I could do small jobs began to trickle in. This at this time is still not something that I can say is enough to support my everyday living but it helps here and there.
I am in no means the normal person as I am completely self taught in all area’s of my trade, and have spent a ton of hours reading online articles and watching youtube video’s and preforming trial and error learning. Everyone seems to think that these things are hard to learn however they are becoming increasingly abundant with the writings and teachings of the internet.
A quick search of the World Wide Web you can find how-tos on just about every subject you can think of, from how to start your own website to some of the less than legit ways of life. These days it seems everyone is looking for their 5 mins of fame. Hoping that a video they post on youtube will go viral, or a piece of art will get noticed by a large company that will land them that dream job.
I guess my main train of though here is that no matter what it is if you are willing to put in the effort you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. I have come to the understanding that my website currently is not only a way for me to show my work off, but gives me the opportunity should I take it to work on making that extra money on the side.
Until next time thanks for reading and check back as I am making my news years resolution to start working on building my blog and producing some great pieces of work this year.

KIC works with Bulldog auto Center

Bulldog Auto Center came to us with a simple need for logo creation and a simplistic site to help get their name out there on the net, we here at KICWEBDESGINZ sprang into action to help them get up a page with all the information they were looking to supply to customers, and created a vector logo for them to use for all their sticker, banner, shirt, and web needs. Make sure to tell us what you think of our work.

Caveman Mat Club comes to KIC

We recently hooked up with the Caveman mat Club here in Grants Pass, as youth wrestling program. They needed a versatile site that would not only allow on the go updates, but a calendar to keep track of their meet schedules along with the photos of the wrestlers so that parents could enjoy their youngsters in the sport, we used a wordpress base to give them flexibility and added some needed features. Then KIC worked their magic in skinning the current wordpress site with the newly created logo for them and making it their own site to call home. Make sure to head over and check out our work and let us know what you think.


Continuing to Move Forward

With the economy the way it has been lately there have been more and more people that have been let go from their long term jobs. A great way to start something to help ease the pain is to look at the internet. Such a large portion of the business out there are attempting to make their presence known on the internet. This makes for a great time to take a class in web design, or even look into SEO optimization, as many companies are now looking at the most efficient ways to increase their presence in many of the search engines. We just wanted to give a little word of encouragement to those out there that are wondering what I do next.


KIC New Logo

Getting started in web design

Are you one of those people that is just awesome at putting a pencil or pen to paper? or when browsing around online you find yourself looking at the good and bad of the web site you are on thinking to yourself I could make this better? In today’s economy everyone out there is looking for some way to put a little extra cash in their pockets. I have been playing with web design and graphic design as long as I can remember, taking images that I sat one evening drawing on my trusty sketch pad and figuring out how to make them into a digital masterpiece.

We all are born with some sort of artistic talent, yes some more than others. But with the ever growing expanse of the Internet more and more opportunities are popping up all over. With so many WYSIWYG editors out there anyone can be a web designer. So by now you are asking yourself, how can someone who runs a web design business be turning people away to these free editors? I believe that learning no matter what is the most essential thing in this world, I got my start by spending countless hours staring at source code of existing web sites, and downloading free templates and changing code a line at a time to see what the effect was. Now if you are looking for a professional looking web site to start your home business, or a way to make a little extra side money for the weekend grab your mouse and a cup of Joe and let’s get started.

The fastest growing search engine that everyone knows and loves is going to be your friend, Google is great for gathering information and free how to’s on just about everything out there if you are willing to put in the time looking. Every website just like this one is made up of HTML code and every browser out there no matter if it is the standard windows installed Internet Explorer or the rebel Firefox or Google chrome have the ability to look at the source code. This can be done by simply right clicking and looking for the <View Source> in the pop up menu. Now I realize that when the page pops up it may be a little confusing, but try this.

In your browser let’s go take a look at the apple web site

When the page opens you will see the images that are laid out along with the menu

apple's web site


This is the a snippet of apple’s home page introducing the new

iphone 4 s








So now we are going to look at the source code to get an idea of how they put the site together.

/************* DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE ! **************/
var s_code=s.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code)</script>
<!-- End SiteCatalyst code version: H.8. -->
    <div id="main">
<div id="content">
<article id="billboard">
    <a href="/iphone/"><img src="" alt="iPhone 4S" width="579" height="595" /></a>

        <a href="/iphone/">
            <img src="" alt="iPhone 4S. Dual-core A5 chip. All-new 8MP camera and optics. iOS 5 and iCloud. And introducing Siri. It’s the most amazing iPhone yet." width="313" height="219" />
            <a href="/iphone/#video-4s">

                    <img src="" alt="" width="90" height="57" />
                    <span>Watch the</span> <span>iPhone 4S video</span>

            <a href="/iphone/videos/#tv-ads-siri">
                    <img src="" alt="" width="90" height="57" />

                    <span>Watch the</span> <span>iPhone 4S TV ad</span>

    <a href="/ios/"><img src="" alt="iOS 5 Software Update. Get over 200 new features - free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch." width="231" height="149" /></a></li><li>
    <a href="icloud"><img src="" alt="iCloud is here. iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices." width="231" height="149" /></a></li><li>
    <a href="/ipodtouch/"><img src="" alt="iPod touch. It has fun written all over it. Now starting at $199." width="231" height="149" /></a></li><li>
    <a href="/ipad/"><img src="" alt="iPad 2. Now with iOS 5 and iCloud, it just got even harder to put down." width="231" height="149" /></a>

This looks like a ton but if you look at the picture of the main site and the site code at the same time, you will begin to see that you can identify the images that are on the page itself. Each image is classed with the <img> tag, so if you can locate the image on the main page showing the new apple iCloud now scroll through the code and look at the tags until you find

<a href=”icloud“><img src=”” alt=”iCloud is here. iCloud stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to your devices.” width=”231″ height=”149″ /></a> the <a href=”icloud”> is the link tag this will take you to the page on their site that has the information about the iCloud in the new iOS 5 next is the image itself <img src=”“> and so on. So for now this is the basics and I will expand on this more in my next blog post but get out there and take a look at the source code for some of your favorite sites and see if you can start to pick up how they are put together.

Unfiltered Tee’s

Unfiltered Tee’s came to us looking for a fresh new site that would help them put their one of a kind shirts on the map. With the idea that their site is made to cater to the adult crowd with shirts that all of us think are funny, but no one takes the jump to making them a reality. Unfiltered is just the company to do that. We are happy to be making forward strides in designing them a great site for all their future customers

Unfiltered Tees entry page

DJ Clint

Clint came to KIC looking for a new updated logo for his DJ Business. After a quick sketch we were off and designing. This is what we came up with and he liked it right off the bat. Some minor changes of adding the Yellow and blue to the mix were his only thoughts.

New Stuff

We are working away here at KIC Web Designz, on some new and exciting projects. We are proud to announce we will be working as a consultant with Market Contractors out of Portland, Oregon to assist them in their new and upcoming web presence. As well there have been some great new developments over at with a fresh newly updated look to their store, and a full flash based website for holding their information.